P A 3 D Z X
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Welcome on the website of Ham Radio Station PA3DZX

Current capabilities of this station:

  • APRS Fill-in Digipeater (WIDE1-1) 144.800 Mhz - PA3DZX-2
    Aliases: WIDE1-1, RELAY, WIDEn-n
    Beacon interval: 30 mins
  • APRS Digipeater/iGate (WIDE2-1) 144.800 Mhz - PA3DZX
    Aliases: WIDE, RELAY, WIDEn-n
    Beacon interval: 30 mins
    Status interval: 60 mins
    Object interval: 30 mins
  • EchoLink VOIP - PA3DZX
  • EchoLink Link 432.875 Mhz - PA3DZX-L
    Max. key-down time: 5 mins
    Inactive timeout: 3 mins
  • 2m F3E (144.000 - 146.000 Mhz)
  • 70cm F3E (430.000 - 440.000 Mhz)

Please visit these pages as often as you like and use the email address
below to help me improve and keep these pages up-to-date. Thanks

Note: The aliases WIDE, RELAY and TRACE are obsolete and should not be used
anymore! Please consult the applicable internet sites (see Links

Send mail to pa3dzx@amsat.org with questions and/or comments about this website